How PTI Created Social Media Buzz

Monday, 26 December 2011

Last Sunday people were rushing towards nomaish chorangi they were not going to celebrate Christmas. They were not going at Maza-re-Quaid. They were rushing to join PTI Jalsa. Yes last day all Karachi all Pakistan seen an historical Jalsa. There were nothing else was on Pakistan’s television there were only Imran Khan on TVs, Twitter, Facebook and everywhere

25-Dec-2011 people of Karachi saw an historical PTI Jalsa. According to facts and figures there were around half a million people attended Threek-e-Insaf historical Jalsa. For people it was hope, a beacon of light in a dark room. It was something as every Pakistani wanted to happen.

To be honest when it is MQM jalsa in Karachi I see flags of mqm people on bike and they are everywhere but PTI did something very different and unique they used social media which certainly worked out for them.

The presence of PTI in Karachi is almost next to nothing, we didn’t get to see small rallies before this historical Jalsa it must’ve been very hard to plan the campaign to encourage people to join the rally. Therefore PTI chose to use social media tool they used Twitter very smartly before 25th December #PTIJalsa was trending until now. Moreover live update from @PTIofficial was making things hot at twitter. Each of their tweets was getting RT and replied by many people and bloggers.

PTI wasn’t far behind on Youtube and Facebook to encourage their supporters and followers to join them on 25th December. Imran Khan random calls on cell phones and landlines also pumped up people moreover his personal message where he addresses to people of Karachi also fired them up.

Overall these Social media tools played vital role for 25th historical Jalsa one cannot deny with this fact I get this feeling Imran Khan using same tactic as current U.S president used in his successful campaign.


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