What Are Those Trendy Little Wristbands?

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Have you ever been standing next to someone while they were checking out at the grocery store,
only to notice a trendy little bracelet around their wrist? They often come in great colors and have
some type of logo or saying printed on them. People wear them on either arm and they do not
have to match the colors the person is wearing. Often these fashionable bracelets are seen on
younger people, but some older people have them on to.

Teenagers love the wristbands made with silicon. They are washable and can be left on for days.
No need to take them off when going for a swim or a quick shower. They are inexpensive and
very durable. Children also love to wear a trendy wristband and will often have a collection of

Why wear a wristband?

Most people like to make a statement while wearing a wristband. They often represent a cause
that is important to the person who is wearing the band. Sometimes they are a personal message
they have created themselves. Other times they represent a school or club and make the person
who is wearing it feel part of a larger group. High school kids love this sense of belonging and
making a statement all at the same time. Older people can been seen wearing a silicon bracelet,
but it is usually to make people aware of a popular cause. They are not as apt to wear them to
feel part of a larger group. They like to let people know they are concerned about certain health
issues or some type of healthy choice they are a part of.

What does a wristband do for the person who is wearing it?

Sometimes the wristband is a reminder of something important. Maybe is helps the wearer
remember that drugs and alcohol are not only against the law for teens, but they often kill. The
simple little bracelet makes a statement to friends that they are against anything that is harmful
and want others to realize how they feel. Other times, the band is simply a way of saying that the
person who has it on is part of a larger group. Maybe they belong to a church or club and want
to feel part of this group. It not only gives them some self esteem, it boosts their self confidence.
Sometimes parents and kids will wear the same wrist band in order to support a favorite team or

Why do parents encourage teens and kids to wear the bracelets?

Most adults know it is important for the younger generation to believe in themselves. They also
like to know that their children are interested in the world and healthy living. These trendy little
rings that fit so comfortably around the wrist can give kids and teens an opportunity to start
building positive attitudes about important things in life. Some of them say simple things such
as “I can make this happen” or “I have a bright future”. When the young person wears something
like this, they are constantly reminded that they are important and have worth. Parents know that
this simple way of getting across a message is important to build self esteem and yet let the teem
enjoy a colorful piece of trendy fashion wear.

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