The Way of Life

Thursday, 1 December 2011

I gotta start with something therefore I'm posting this post which I wrote at English Cafe

I would start my post with this quote : "To be idle is a short road to death and to be diligent is a way of life; foolish people are idle, wise people are diligent.” Buddha quotes

Hello I'm shez 23 year old man from Karachi. Many of you don't know about me. I was an active user of English cafe around 2008-09 since then there was no post by me. Today I'm writing this post because I am sad or emotion and thoughts which I am going to mention in this post.

Two years back I February-02-2010 I join a web marketing UK based agency Chillizone. I was happy things started to move on for me I found some great  people and friends. I kind off starting to feel like home, I was spending most of my day 10 to 14Hrs at company's premises. Everything was smooth and cool in the meantime I got opportunity to work on high profile project which gave me huge amount of boost and confidence and almost two years passed like a jiff and November-30-2011 came.

As I gave interview to other company and got appointment letter, later on I sent email for my resignation and at this time I'm realizing. How funny life can be sometimes to other people it might be just a switch may be I'm too emotional to think all the good memories that I had with my current company and I will leave them and move on. Sometimes life just tricks you and you get answer after a while.


aba elqasem said...

friend dear
That this life .... Where not everything is beautiful. The happy days are only for people who Seek of the best .. This elimination of God. Must be sought for the better. may stash God you happier life than the life that you experienced. You must be patient .. It is the key to happiness .. I am your brother from Algeria... aba el Qasim,

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