Top 4 Hot Ankle Boots in 2012 and How to Match Them?

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

In 2012, high-heeled ankle boots, short-heeled ankle boots, flat ankle boots and genuine leather ankle boots lead the trends in the fashion footwear industry. It won¡¯t be difficult to find a pair of boots that look fashionable and feel comfortable on the market. However, have you already known how to ideally match them? To make some stylish transformations on your appearance, stop here for minutes. Below, 4 pair of hot ankle boots and how to match them are shared :D.


Top 1: high-heeled ankle boots.

Different high heels are applied by designers. But generally speaking, thin heels, thick heels and slope heels are widely seen. They are loved by fashion-conscious females in different age groups. They can wonderfully flatter wearers¡¯ lines on legs and then make females seem even slender. Aside from this, graceful & elegant flavor gets wonderfully enhanced in this case.


Top 2: short-heeled ankle boots.

As the name implies, short-heeled ankle boots refer to shoes with shorter heels. But actually, there are two kinds, including short heels and slope heels. Ankle boots with slope heels are especially popular this year. When fashion element like skid-resistant design and rabbit hair are applied, the boots impress us by a more trendy look instantly.


Top 3: flat ankle boots.

Flat ankle boots refer to footwear without obvious heels or slope heels. But on most of newly released flat ankle boots, designers always apply interiorly height-increasing and thickening design on them. These elements undoubtedly contribute a lot on better flattering the wearers¡¯ body shapes.


Top 4: genuine leather ankle boots.

True cowhide and suede are the most frequently used leathers on these boots. And it seems like fashion-conscious females¡¯ attention is always drawn on those glossy shoes. Among those popular styles, boots made from genuine cow leather will seem a little more monotonous, yet rather luxurious. Boots made from suede will seem more fashionable and delicate.

How to Match a Pair of Ankle Boots?

It seems like ankle boots with high heels are more prevailing anytime. When it comes to matching a pair from this kind, skinny trousers can be chosen. This especially makes sense on females who are confident about your leg lines. Referring to jacket, almost anything will be great. But I most like apparel made from chiffon. If your leg line is not so perfect, you can try silk stockings or leggings in dark or nude colors. What¡¯s more, stockings or leggings in the same color with your boots can be chosen because the same color can stretch the line of legs too. Loose jackets, once they don¡¯t cover your knees will be great!

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